Must Watch: 3 underrated performances of Irrfan Khan

Wednesday morning came with a shocking news of the demise of one of the finest actor of not only Indian cinema but also of the international cinema. Irrfan khan is one of the most versatile actor who always managed to capture viewer’s attention in every frame of the movie.
As famous French artist Edgar Degas quoted

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”.

This certainly holds true for Irrfan Khan with his spellbinding performances in almost every movie. Irrfan Khan who started his career with a short role in Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay movie, has made each of his character alive ever since then.
As a tribute to him, here are some of his underrated performances.

We all are aware of the wonderful performances of Irrfan Khan in Indian and International cinema. Haider, Maqbool, Paan Singh Tomar, The Namesake, The Lunchbox and many more testify his acting brilliance. However, there are equally compelling movies which were not so popular but outstanding. Irrfan as always gave amazing performances in these movies.

Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost (2013):

Source: IMDB

Irrfan, who plays a Sikh man obsessed with having a son to continue his bloodline gives a splendid performance in this movie. Complex emotional struggle and sensitive gender-based conflicts are effortlessly shown by the lead cast involving Irrfan and Tillotama. It’s a beautiful, heartbreaking and thought-provoking movie.


Watch Qissa Here!

Kali Salwar (2002)

Source: IMDB

In this adaptation of Manto’s short story, Farida Mehta portrays a life of sex worker and humanize her while not making her as an object of gaze. Irrfan Khan played the character of Shankar who exploits the prostitutes. Sadiya Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan excel in their performances.

Watch Kali Salwar Here!

Doob: No Bed of Roses (2017)

Source: IMDB

In this Indo-Bangladesh production, Irrfan Khan as Javed Hasan plays multi layered character. Irrfan excels in his diction as well as in his performance with deeply expressive face and eyes. So much of the film is left to viewers for an interpretation. As the Bangladesh’s official entry to 91st Academy awards, this film is worth watch.

Watch Doob Here!

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