Amazon Moving Away From Oracle Products

Amazon Inc. has been relying on softwares from Oracle Corp. for its transactional databases. However, recently Amazon has taken big steps in an effort to move away from Oracle Softwares.

Larry Ellison spoke about security concerns of Amazon’s cloud computing in Oracle Annual User Conference in last month. Larry emphasized on AWS functionality that it runs cloud control code on the same machine where it stores the corporate data. Larry criticized that this functionality can be exploited by hackers to gain unauthorized access. He also ridiculed Amazon for using Oracle as a transactional database in spite of having RedShift, Aurora, etc.

In response, Amazon Web Service CEO, Andy Jassy tweeted about the progress in ending use of Oracle products. Amazon consumer business has moved from Oracle Data Warehouse to RedShift since 1st November. Amazon is expected to stop usage of 87 percent of Oracle Databases.

Considering the huge amount of data, it’s going to be a slow process of shift from Oracle for Amazon.

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