#KnowYourStars: Anuja Patil – Dreaming Big

Responsibility and maturity are something which define the life of Anuja Patil, a right-handed player of Indian Women’s cricket team.

Anuja was born in a middle-class family of Arun and Shobha in Kolhapur. Her father used to drive an auto-rickshaw for almost a decade. She is the only child and her parents made sure that her daughter gets all the things required to achieve her dream of playing for India.

Her interest in cricket can be attributed to her family of cricketers. Her father used to be an opener in Shahu Sports Club. Not only her father but her uncle also was a cricketer. They both helped Anuja in her early days of practice. She used to bunk classes to watch them play in Kolhapur. Her father and uncle had great influence in her cricket interest.

She has taken up the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner of the house and intends to give back as much as possible to her parents for their sacrifice. On her insistence, her father has stopped driving an auto-rickshaw. Her father had a dream of playing for state and India. However, he is much prouder to see his daughter playing in an Indian jersey.

She debuted for India at the age of 20 in T20. Since then she has appeared in 27 T20 International matches. She has also lead the Maharashtra state side. Her greatest opportunity to showcase her talent has just arrived in the form of World T20. She wants to make the most out of this opportunity.

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