Dating Tips you must follow before a date

Dating is not rocket science but sometimes it can be a worst or the best experience of your life. Before planning to meet the girl of your desires, your mind should be all set with the clear purpose of dating. Are you just looking for a short span relation or a lifelong bond? If you are a love maker and been dating multiple girls only to fulfill your sexual desires, there are better strategies to get into the bed anyways.

But if you are looking for a serious and soulful relationship, the first date is about connection, your mutual chemistry is important. Obviously getting into bed is not the purpose of your first date then. Of course you don’t want to close it all at the first date you would surely want to date your princess for the 2nd time, then again, then again and the life forever.

If you are looking ahead to find someone special, don’t turn it to be indeterminate. Don’t only keep in mind to choose the right place and dress for the special day but your words and actions too value.

Here are the best first dating tips for men that will surely make your day:

Think about your purpose of dating

What is your end-goal is it for fun or a committed relationship? Don’t fake in front of her be clear to her about your future plans and intentions after all a good start only happens after mutual understanding. If you are a heart-breaker I advise you to find someone who wants what you want, don’t break and innocent heart. Converse with her before planning a meeting: Engage with her a lengthy phone conversation just to know what she expects from if you don’t comply with her, then thank her and move on.

Don’t expect the outcome of the date:

Don’t plan a meeting with the mind-set of getting into the girl. Be clear she might accept or reject your proposal. Don’t try to convince her to be your girlfriend, instead be gentle enough and only plan to meet a new person and make a friend.

Plan your budget before date

Luxury is not, what a real woman would be looking for! She is looking for the right soul, her right mate. Taking her to the most expensive restaurant will be a vain if she not a materialistic one. Don’t pretend to be a millionaire, be what you actually are. Be frugal while your budget planning, don’t pick a 5 star hotel if you’re on a 2 star budget. Be frugal, but never be cheap; don’t make her choices so narrow that she cannot even order her favorite dish.

Choose the right place for your first meeting

Don’t ever choose a congested place for the first meeting. Going to a movie theater or a music concert is the most horrible choice for the first date. Instead choose a quiet place where both of you can prompt your outlooks without any ruckus. If you are a nature lover you can choose a place with open lobby enclosed in natural environments or you can also choose a coffee place as per your preferences.

Choose the right time for your first meeting

Avoid planning a meeting in night or at a strand place/your hostel room etc. Plan a meeting at a public place in morning, afternoon or evening of she is not comfortable meeting at a secluded place while first date. If you meet at night, she might be a little hesitant and can also take it otherwise. So better you remove that concern and plan a formal date time as per her suitable timings and venue.

Maintain good general hygiene

Keep in mind first impressions is the last, you should be well dressed no sweatshirts or ratty gym shoes please!

  • Don’t forget to take a shower properly, take time to freshen up
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth properly
  • Make sure your breath is fresh, popping a breath mint would be better
  • Your body must smell nice, Spray some high quality cologne
  • Hairstyle should not look undone, hairdo properly
  • Your facial hair should be trimmed
  • Your clothes, socks and shoes must be tidy and should not be foul smelling
  • Tuck your shirt in proper manner with a belt tied across
  • If you are driving your own car, make sure it’s washed and tidy inside
  • Don’t address her by the wrong name, this would spoil her mood

Bring her a pleasant gift, preferably a bunch of flowers

Be punctual

Arrive on time, or better before time so that you would be there to greet her and make her feel that you respect her time.

Don’t forget to greet her

High five or handshake seems so awkward on a first date. Don’t show over enthusiasm, greet her with a smile, offer her a bunch of flowers. If she seems open, than a friendly hug is the warmest.

Show a respectful alpha body language towards her

Don’t give her a wicked smile or weird look at first sight. Open the doors pull out chairs for her. Don’t cross your arms over your chest. Give her your full attention and listen to her. Be warm in your tone and behavior. Be kind and courteous to her and to the other people like waiters, doorkeepers etc.

Be the real you

You must show up your best version but not a fake one. It is good to present yourself in the best way but don’t mislead and present yourself as a person that you are actually not. A fake personality might work for the first time, but will close doors for future interactions.

Give her genuine compliments

She has taken her time and efforts to get ready for you make sure you notice and appreciate her. Talk about things that you adore. Anything about her that excites you, convey that in a gentle way, you can compliment her good taste in shoes, clothes, makeup or even the body scent she has chosen. But don’t try to flatter her, be honest with your compliments. Pleasing her does not mean lying to her. Also don’t pull anything out of her comfort zone.

  • Be a gentleman
  • Be polite, attentive
  • Have good table manners.
  • Chew with your mouth closed.

Curb your drinking/ smoking habits at least for the date time if she doesn’t like that stuff
If you love to drink, remain in control. Don’t drink too much to avoid slurring your words and spitting in her face. She would not like to pick up the drunken you from the floor.

Be mindful about choice of words and conversations

Go to your date armed with the subject matter prepared that you are going to talk, sometimes in panic you might say something and spoil your way. Don’t talk about–exes, politics, religion, and your income of course! Don’t Drop the F*** jocks in front of her. You might be trying to cool but seriously it will spoil her mood.
Positive self-talk is your friend but don’t try to over talk and self-praise, she might conclude you wrong. Never discuss any personal or confidential subject matter on the first date till; you conclude that is the right person you can involve in long term relationship with. If you are unsure about her mind-set use the magic words ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how. Let her involve and reveal the hidden sides of her.

Not only ‘what’ but also go for ‘why’?

Having similar liking and disliking don’t necessarily mean that you are made for each other. If she does like a song or a place, try to figure out why does she so. This will help you understand her better and get deeper understanding of her mind-set. You can ask her positive emotional questions but don’t hurt her feelings. Share your passions and ambitions with her. Also ask her about career, accomplishments, future plans and ambitions.

Don’t always agree with her

Be a man with a firm personality. Be self-assured about yourself and your choices. You respect her, and she must value in return. It’s not bad to say ‘NO’ or disagree something if you do not actually agree. Be gentle to your tone and let her know about your preferences. She might not like your choice of venue or your dress selection. So be playful and present your mind-set in humble way. A real lady will give value to your selections; honestly she’s not a keeper if she looks deeper into your pockets only.

Be confident

Being confident is sexy. Feeling nervous can be quite normal for some guys but never let this panic reflect in your behavior and do something weird as it may easily annoy her. Biting the nails and fidgeting is not at all a woman expect from a man. Showing pathetic behavior can make you gain her sympathy but not love.

Take your time and give her time

If she proposed you for a date then don’t fall and say ”Yes” instantly if you are not prepared well and don’t have enough time. Meeting prepared later is always better than meeting unprepared sooner. Never be in hurry and spoil your meeting, first and foremost plan well and tell her about your schedules. Give her flexible timings that suit you and let her choose.
Avoid phone calls, until urgent. Your mom or Boss calling mid-way would surely annoy her. Make time for her so that when you are with her you are only with her. If possible turn off your phone, make her feel there’s nothing striking then her.

Do a chemistry check during mid-date

Do cross questioning to conclude whether she likes your company. Try to figure out her body language is she comfortable with you, enjoying those moments or not! If you don’t feel like so ask her what you can do in favor of her.

Make her feel lucky by ending it well

You should be concerned about her feelings, comfort level and her safety. Drive her safely to her place or arrange for the cab. If she owns her conveyance walk her to that. Call her after during the way and after she reaches home. If you like her, share your feelings with her. Don’t fake your words and commitments. If you have no intention of carrying it further don’t deceive her with your talks, tell her clearly about your intentions.

Book another slot

If you are still confused about your future plans, have a second date or even third. There is no pressure meeting someone once or twice cannot force you to make her your girlfriend or wife. Remember this isn’t a job interview; you can give each other more hints to develop a mutual understanding.

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