Zeb Bangash: Teaser of Farz Karo is out and its beautiful

Zebunnisa Bangash, a versatile singer with some unique vocals is one of the most prominent musician from across the border and has the ability to sing in six different languages. She is one of the most loved vocalist in Pakistan as well as gaining a lot of popularity in India. Preferring quality over quantity, she has done few Bollywood projects and each one of them have the uniqueness to it. Ever since a teaser of her new song “Farz Karo” has come out, everyone is excited about the song’s release.


“Farz Karo” is performed by Zeb along with her band Sandaraa (means “song” in Pashto language). The tune is very addictive. This song speaks about promises and assumptions in a relationship between two lovers. Sound arrangement especially violin has been used to a greater effect.

Sandaraa is one of a kind band blending Eastern Europe and Central Asian music sensibilities co-founded by Zeb and Brooklyn based klezmer clarinet virtuoso Michael Winograd. Band also have some talented musicians of different origins – Turkish violinist Eylem Basaldi, Accordionist Patrick Farrell, critically acclaimed guitar and bass player ​Yoshie Fruchter, Bass player David Lizmi and ​Percussionist Richie Barshay.

Source: Sandarra official website

Zeb Bangash – She is part of one of the first generation of Pakistani musicians. Her first album “Chup” with her sister Haniya was loved across Pakistan as well as India. She rose to fame with her Coke Studio Pakistan performances which was produced by Rohail Hyatt. Her Coke Studio performances are still loved across the world specially in India and Pakistan. She also did vocals for A. R. Rahman in Highway film for a beautiful melodious soothing song “Sooha Saha”. She also sung for Fitoor and composed for Lipstick under my burkha movie which was very well received for experimentation and unique feel to it.

Stay tuned to Zeb Bangash’s facebook page and Sandarra’s facebook page for updates. Meanwhile enjoy Zeb’s wonderful performance from Coke Studio

“Farz karo hum ahl e wafa hoon, Farz karo dewanay hoon”

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