“Padmavat” trailer is out; Nothing short of a magnum opus

Much awaited and talked about film “Padmavat” finally released its first trailer. The trailer is nothing short of magnum opus and promises commendable performances from the cast. Ranveer Singh looks fiercy as a Alauddin Khilji, the ruler of Delhi Sultanate hailing from Turkish and Afgan soil. Shahid Kapoor looks promising as a last Rajput ruler of Guhila Dynasty named Ratan Singh. Most talked about lady from the movie Deepika Padukone is looking beautiful and a strong lady playing a lead character. Aditi Rao Hydari will also be seen in this movie as a wife of Alauddin Khilji


Amidst all the controversy regarding the historical inaccuracies as claimed by members of Rajput communities, CBFC cleared the film on December 30 after suggesting few changes to the story-line and lyrics/dialogues. A suggestion was also provided to modify to title of the film to “Padmavat”.

Even after CBFC clearance, the movie might still not hit theaters in few of the states –

  • Gujrat – Chief Minister Rupani announced that the ban on the movie will continue due to the same fact that people feel that history has been distorted in the movie.
  • Rajasthan – Vasundara Raje, chief minister has said, “Rani Padmavati’s sacrifice is a matter of honor and pride for the state and we won’t allow defamation of her honor.
  • Madhya Pradesh – MP Chief Minister S. Singh continue to be firm on the decision not to release the film at any cost

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