WhatsApp will end support for these phones and operating systems

WhatsApp is the most loved instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) mobile messaging application in today’s time. It’s unbelievably gaining popularity since its inception in January 2009. It has more than over one billion user base by February 2016, which is growing year by year.

The features updates are obviously exciting for the users but there is a bad news for WhatsApp users. In June 30, 2017 it has stopped support for Nokia Symbian S60. As per an official blog, WhatsApp is going to suspend support for older platforms from 2018 onwards. WhatsApp is looking to extend its feature set further in 2018. As per compliance issues, it will stop working on ‘BlackBerry OS’, ‘BlackBerry 10’, ‘Windows Phone 8.0’ devices. The App operations are ceased for Android 2.1 and Android 2.2, BlackBerry OS and iOS 6 operating systems.

Here is the List of outdated platforms that would no longer support WhatsApp.


Obviously, this amendment would make some of the WhatsApp users’ unhappy. But no need to panic, simply update the OS and continue using the App. Though, people using older phones that are in exclusion list will be disappointed as they need to get a new device in order to enjoy the services. People who own BlackBerry 10, the Nokia S40, Windows Phone 7, and the iPhone 3GS handsets also need to up to date with your mobile phones. the older operating platforms needs to be updated to newer versions Android OS 4.0+, iPhone, iOS 7+, or Windows 8.1+. Some of the features might not work for these platforms. However, creation of new accounts on the older devices will not be allowable.  In 2019 Nokia S40 Android will also be unsupported by WhatsApp. Also, Android versions 2.3.7 would stop working after 2020.

Jan Koum, a Ukrainian-American internet inventor launched the initial versions of WhatsApp with his companion Brian Acton. You will be stunned to know that Jan was born in a poor family in the Ukraine. Even he was deprived of basic necessities like shelter, food, electricity water. He and his mother earned the livelihood by babysitting and floor sweeping. Koum worked with Yahoo for nine years from 1997 to September 2007. He incorporated WhatsApp Inc. in California on February 24, 2009. Now, his estimated worth is more than $7.5 billion and is recorded among the 400 richest Americans at position 62 in Forbes list.

Initially 70% of the smartphones were BlackBerry and Nokia OS, now the proportion has varied, most of the smartphones now are supporting Google, Apple, and Microsoft OS.  It has been 9 years since the initial version of WhatsApp Messenger had been launched. Along with the changing smartphones era the app is also upgrading and making upgradations. You can send text messages, voice notes, images, media, documents, and user location. It also allows you to make voice and video calls. To register for a WhatsApp account, you must have a standard cellular mobile number. In 2017, WhatsApp added end to end data encryption feature. Initially, it allows communicate with other users individually or in groups of individual users. In 2017, it also announced to provide customer service to users at scale. In the forthcoming years the feature set is expected to expand even more. A lot of security features are expected.


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