Rajinikanth enters politics

Well, Rajinikanth never seizes to amazes everyone. The mega superstar, on a final day of 2017 announced an entry into politics in a fans meet at Chennai.

He further added that he will be forming his own party and will constitute in all 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu state elections. Speaking of the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu, he said, “If I do not enter now, it will not sit well with my conscience till I die”. He added that he wants to have party based on non-discrimination based on money or caste. He urged people to support him in his political journey which he believes would be a spiritual one. “Honesty and good governance” is what the superstar is looking for while rooting for a change in existing plundering of common people by government.

Some political incidents in past one year in Tamil Nadu has made every Tamilian hung his head in shame, the national award winning superstar said. His remarks believed to be against political turmoil in Tamil Nadu and fighting between Dravidian parties and IT raids. He clarified that entering politics is not for any fame or name. He also opposed Jayalalitha in 1996.

Rajinikanth added that he will be launching his party ahead of the Assembly elections. Truth, Hard work and growth would be a slogan for his party while praising his fans for the discipline they have always maintained. He gave them the belief that with the honest anything can be achieved.

Many fellow actors including Kamal Hassan and Amitabh Bachchan welcomed Rajinikanth on his venture and gave him wishes.



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