Apple Apology over battery drain; discounts on replacement

Recently, there has been lot of concerns on twitter, Facebook complaining about the iPhone battery life post-upgrade to #ios11. Apple in a press release on Thursday acknowledged the issue and addressed the customer concerns


Apple released iOS11 to the public on 19 September 2017 and it became available for download.  iOS11 release was identified with a bug which forced Apple to release iOS 11.2 on 2nd December 2017. Some of the features of iOS 11.2 include Apple Pay Cash (only in US), 7.5W wireless charging for iPhone X, 8 and 8 plus.

Battery Life concerns

A mobile security firm, Wandera carried out a monitoring of heavy to moderate iPhone and iPad users having iOS 10 and iOS 11. Analysis of these activity found that devices running iOS 11 ran out of battery in 50% lesser time than that of iOS 10.

What is causing battery drain

Wandera suspects that it is partly because of the Spotlight re-indexing that happens after an upgrade of iOS. Apple initially thought it is the performance impact because of the background installation of fixes and new software and updates of the apps. However, Apple now believe that the major contributor to the battery drain is chemical aging of the batteries in older devices.


Apple explained about the possible factors that might affect the chemical aging of the batteries. It can reduce the ability of battery to hold charge for a longer time. Apple released a support article for their customers to understand the Performance of iPhone batteries.

For the Apple customers

While appreciating the loyalty and trust customers showed in their product, Apple announced updates addressing the battery life concerns


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