Mumbai gets India’s first AC EMU train

After a couple of years of trial runs, India’s first Air-conditioned EMU train hit the track for it’s maiden run on a Christmas morning. Before it’s inaugural run, Western Railway conducted a final test run for important officials of Western Railways and it was given a green signal for India’s first EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) train. This train was brought in Mumbai on 4th of April 2016.

Below features of this train give hope of easy travel to everyday commuter

Capacity: It has the capacity to carry 1,028 sitting and total of 5,964 passengers.
Emergency Services: It has Talk back facility at each doorway for Emergency purposes and also traditional chain system have been replaced with LED based coach identification system for door malfunctioning and chain pulling.
Comfort: Trains have been built with Air Suspension system which could reduce a bit of your back pain. Luggage racks are modular with transparent glass which is good. Coaches are comfortable made up of stainless steel with straight side walls.
Security: Similar to local trains, AC trains will also have RPF constables in each coach


  • First and twelfth coaches are reserved for Ladies
  • Second and eleventh coaches have 7 seats reserved for Senior Citizens
  • Fourth and Seventh coaches have 10 seats reserved for physically disabled passengers

How frequent the EMU will run?

Each day this train will have 12 runs on Western Line of Mumbai Railyway except weekends. Eight of these will be running on fast lane between Churchgate to Virar with halt at major stations – Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali, Bhayandar and Vasai Road. Three of them will run on the same fast lane from Churchgate but only till Borivali.
Rest of them will be running between Mahalaxmi to Borivali with halt at all stations.

How much will it cost?

Western Railway published the fare chart for the much awaited AC local to be effective until 29 December. As per railway officials, Base fares will be 1.3 times that of the first-class fares for single journey tickets. Surcharge of GST will be added on Base Fare. As a discounted offer for first six months, base fare will remain at 1.2 times of first-class base fares. MUTP surcharge for card ticket holder is Rs 6 for a journey between 11-150 kilometres


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