Is True Love a Fairy Tale?

Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs,

Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes,

Being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers’ tears.

What is it else? A madness most discreet,

A choking gall and a preserving sweet.

— William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet


Some people say, “Love definitely exists in those who believe it” though some consider it a matter of dissent. From the very childhood, my mother used to edify me that there would be a prince charming who will come to take you away with him. He would be the one who will love you as much as I do or even more. I still doubt can there be anyone who can love more than a mother. Does such a man really exist! Though, I still doubt existence of such a true love.

The love between male and female – can it be eternal? Being very logical, I would like to re-think. When you look towards your crush the long-forgotten butterflies in your tummy- Is it just an infatuation, physical attraction or merely venereal! Am I going right way? Cannot say!

A young boy was holding hand of his girl, showing intimacy for her, kissing & cuddling her and getting homely in public. Is this the true love my mother used to talk about!

An old man was travelling with his lady in a public bus. The woman- a scrawny skeleton, was incapable of even balancing her body. Her entire body was wavering; she could not get down the bus by herself. The old man trembling himself, hold his lady in arms, lifted her up like a baby and got her off the bus. It literally brought smile on my face & other travelers’ too. Is he carrying her for any altruistic necessitate? After all what can she do for him? Nothing at all! Still, she wasn’t a load for him. He still holds her with pride, dignity & most importantly she is the most significant part of his life. Their love is not bounded by age or muscular strength; there is something that connects their soul, there is something between them that holds and empowers them. And that would stay till their last breath, through eternity. Is this true love is!

A man approximately the age of 25 years, handsome, tall and dashing personality- was waiting at metro train platform with his girl. The girl- a weak skeleton, nil deposit of fat at her body, her bones are observable. Through very lean face, her cheek bones were also visible. Her head was bald – Probably she had some severe disease – might be cancer and in now in the last stage, taking her last breathes. The scene dumped me disgruntled at waves of emotions.  How unfortunate it is to face such brutal circumstances in such a small age! Idealizing all this, my heart was grief stuffed, howling inside. I again looked at them with a feeling of condolences in my eyes.  She was leaning along his man to take support; they were holding hands as if lost in each other, as if there is nothing else in this world.  There were no sign of distress; they seemed like the most contented couple.  Looking into each other’s eyes as if this is only thing they are meant for!! The blush on the girl’s face, the respect in the man’s eyes for his lady cannot be described in words, it’s beyond any depiction. As if he wanted to say to her, there is nothing beyond you in this world. What would be left with me after you? I won’t let you go any way! I will brawl with God for your well-being; together we are going to defeat the fate. The girl who obviously knows that she is left with few breathes of her life, was contentedly looking into his eyes as if she wanted to say, “I want to live in love and die in love”.

My heart was solely touched with these incidences. My Skepticism about existence of true love is left aside. We might suspect the existence of true love in real life but cannot denigrate its existence. Akin to these, there is lot of people in this world who had made their secluded world; their happiness is beyond age, luxury, amusement and materialistic belongings.

Have seen couples combating over small things! Stupid fights, surplus arguments, disagreements are minute tumult in any relationship. Existence of these variations doesn’t mean that love requires stillness. During these downs, true lovers would come up with resolutions, stronger commitments and assimilation. True love passes the test of time. The context of true love is beyond words, it had no definition, no boundaries; it is merely a feeling to be lived with!

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