Watch Out: Adidas is bringing you one of the most innovative sneakers this December

Adidas has always been a front-runner when it comes to technology innovation in footwear manufacturing. Adidas is taking a major leap in the innovation by introducing a new line of sneakers created based on Futurecraft 4D technology. It will be the world’s first high-performance footwear which are being manufactured through Digital Light Synthesis process.

So, what is Digital Light Synthesis Process?

Digital Light Synthesis process is pioneered by Carbon, a tech company based out of Silicon Valley which majorly works in the field of creating different products by combining the power of Molecular Science with Hardware and Software. In 2015, Carbon published a breakthrough technology research paper in one of the most prestigious journal, Science. In this research paper, Carbon demonstrated an innovative technology called CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production). Need for this technology emerged due to the long hours required for creating products using traditional 3D printing. While traditional way of 3D printing remains a relatively low cost process, it has to go through multiple additive cycle for consistent printing layers.

Digital Light Synthesis is based on this breakthrough technology called CLIP. The most important part of this technology is the “dead zone” created by oxygen-permeable window when ultra-violet images are directed onto it. This dead zone allows the continuous liquid interface of polymer resins to the printer which enables it to print products with even the minute details and consistent layer.

Why Adidas is adapting this technology?

In past few years, Adidas has been figuring out 3D printing in its manufacturing process. Adidas is a global player in the footwear industry focusing on the athlete needs and reinventing itself from time to time. Due to its inconsistency in products layers and the relatively higher production time, traditional 3D printing is never going to be enough to create footwear at a mass scale. Adidas with a strategic partnership with Carbon aims to achieve what could be the most innovative approach of manufacturing in the footwear industry. Carbon’s CLIP technology reduces the design time and aims to achieve the faster design-to-product cycle time.

When is it coming out?

In December 2016, Adidas released few Futurecraft 3D printed sneakers in a limited-edition format. Adidas plans to continue the innovation in the Futurecraft concept with release of 5000 pairs based on Futurecraft 4D technology in December 2017. Adidas is targeting 100,000 pairs sale by the end of 2018.

As the excitement builds up, let’s have some of the gorgeous shots of this sneakers

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