5 life lessons that “Secret Superstar” teaches us without being preachy.

On the day of Diwali, Aamir Khan came up with one of the most beautiful film under his production house. Secret Superstar is a roller coaster of emotions.

Let’s look at a trailer here:

Secret Superstar is story of a girl from Vadodara who has a dream of becoming a singer. Her mother, Nazma(Meher Vij) is shown as a very supportive and caring of her daughter’s dream and does every bit to let Insia (Zaira Wasim) achieve her dream. Insia then manages to get in touch with a musician Shakti Kumarr (Aamir Khan) through her YouTube channel. This film portrays how Insia deals with her rude father and how she continues to aspire to be a singer.

This is not a review of the film in any sense. It is about what I experienced after watching the movie and about some really important life lessons that this movie gives you which you should definitely think upon. Here are the five life lessons which this film tries to highlight.

1. Never believe in stereotypes:
In general, whenever we see someone or hear someone we tend to make stereotypes. Based on those stereotypes, we judge a person’s character. When you see Shakti Kumarr (Aamir Khan) wearing all those colorful, tight t-shirts and the way he talks, we are very quick to categorize him as a loud person. Being a celebrity musician, his life and his relationships becomes more of a public gossip which should have been private matter. Insia (Zara Wasim) is also having hatred towards Shakti Kumarr after watching his image which is being portrayed by the media. How Insia realizes that this stereotypical image of Shakti is just a part of him and how he becomes mentor for her is a treat to watch.

2. Nothing is impossible
A girl from a small town dreams of becoming the best singer in the world. We have seen many stories like this in Bollywood where a nobody becomes somebody. But The uniqueness about this story is the confidence of Insia in her abilities right from the first frame of the film. She should inspire lot of young girls to believe in their passion and follow it till the end in spite of all odds.

3. Walk into their shoes before blaming someone
Many of us might have felt at some or the other point that why our parents fail to realize the thing which is so obvious to us. In this film, Insia and her mother’s relationship is so delicately handled. In fact I would say, it is as much as Insia’s mother’s story as it is of Insia’s. A father played by Raj Arjun is so much hateful and an abuser that you can not help but hate him from the bottom of your heart. Insia in a way doesn’t like her mother’s soft attitude towards her abusive father and labels her as coward. She realizes her mother’s emotional trauma, later in the film which brings tears to our eyes. It teaches us not to label or judge anyone because no one knows what they must have gone through.

4. Speak out against any abuse
From the film trailers, we got an idea how unsupportive her father is towards Insia’s dream of becoming a singer. But it just does not stop there. How her mother reacts to such an insane person and his abuse is satisfying to watch and should inspire women to be vocal about the abuse.

5. Girls are equal
In India, a girl child is still treated unfairly. This film sheds a light on this issue too. In one of the scene where a father comes back home after being out for few days, he asks for well-being of only his son. In another scene where he plans the dinner in a restaurant for a family and he tells Insia, “you also can come”. It gives us the feeling that she is not inclusive in a family. In India, we always see there are separate rules set out for a girl child. We need to stop looking at girl child as a burden. Rather give her the love and she can do wonders.

It’s rare to see such a simple yet beautiful theme supported by big star. Kudos to Aamir Khan for this project. Do expect few tears rolling down your cheeks when you come out of the movie hall.

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