Above the clouds!

Clouds have always been a fascination for children as well as adults. Many poems have been written to describe the beauty of clouds. The famous poet Kalidasa referred clouds as “The Messenger”. If you are one of those who gets awestruck by the beauty of this Kalidasa’s Meghadoot (Clouds – The Messenger) then “Nandi Hills” is surely the place you must visit.

Located at around 60 km from the city of Bangalore, it is a perfect destination for a Winter weekend. We started our journey from Marathahalli at 3:30 AM before the first rays of the 2017 could lighten up the city.


We planned to watch the first sunrise of the year at one of the most scenic place. As we were moving towards Nandi Hills, the dew, fog and strong cold breeze were reminding us at every moment about the fact that you have to find your way through the hurdles to experience the beauty. The fog was so intense that at one point we had to stop the car. But nevertheless, the breaks too turned out to be memorable with a “garam chai” (hot cup of tea) in freezing cold weather.

Finally, we reached the Nandi Hills gate at around 6 AM. But since it was very crowded, being the first day of the year and it was dark, gates were still closed. Sun was slowly rising up the hills as we were waiting for the gates to be open. That didn’t stop us from grabbing the glimpse of the rising sun.


Soon, the gates were opened. As sun was slowly moving up,we were also moving upwards to the top of the Nandi Hills. Along the way we could seethe hills blessed with sunlight.



As we reached the top of the Nandi Hills, we were speechless by the scenery we saw there. The whole city was covered by the clouds. It was feeling like being in a heaven. Clouds were all over the city. Watching the scenery of Sun at the top, clouds in the middle and the city at the bottom was the highlight of going to Nandi Hills. Sun’s slow progression towards the top was quite an experience. Truly a memorable one to watch and feel.

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After experiencing the clouds, we moved to the beautiful flower garden which is just as beautiful as the clouds. It was one of the most beautiful vegetation with variety of plants in it.Finally at 10 AM, we wrapped up the trip and started our return journey taking with us the most beautiful memories of clouds. As we headed towards our return journey we took us with us the vast amount of energy to kick start another beautiful year of our life. What can be more beautiful start of the year than this.


To read more about the Nandi Hills, below is the link –

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